Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The Pretoria High Court ruled that SA expats whom are still citizens of South Africa, may vote overseas. Will the ANC respect this decision?

Does anyone have an idea what is the next step? Should we contact our nearest embassy? If you know anything, kindly let me know.


Anonymous said...

I have no idea, but would sure like to know if we will be able to vote. I did register when I was in SA for vacation (just in case) so I might as well vote if we are allowed to.

Janelle said...

I've tried to do a bit of research on this, but a lot of the websites concerned have not been updated. As far as I know, the DA is asking expats to register for a special vote, regardless of whether the application forms have been filled in or not. This needs to be done by midnight of the 27th of February otherwise you can't vote. You also need to be registered already.

The Constitutional Court could still overturn the decision, and I think this day in court is in the beginning of March. But, if they uphold the decision of the High Court, I am not too sure what will happen. We may be given more time to register for a special vote, we may not - it's not really clear. That's why I have registered already - just in case we aren't given more time and the deadline lapses.

The embassy you then request to vote at will be notified of your special vote, and you can cast your vote there 7 days before the vote occurs in SA - so 15 April.

Gerhard said...

I see that the SA Consulate in Dubai Web site bizarrely directs all queries to the IEC in Pretoria ... They only work mornings here as well, it seems. And there we thought the expat life was good. Seems the foreign service is much better!

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