Wednesday, April 27, 2011

News today

Over 400,000 people entered and exited South Africa over the Easter holidays. Seems like lots of expats and tourists took the opportunity to visit SA. Full Story.

A PETITION calling on the Libyan government to release South African photojournalist Anton Hammerl has been signed by more than 27 000 people around the world. Hammer has our full support and we hope for his immediate release. Full story

Paul Walker from the “Fast and Furious” franchise to star in a South African action movie. Full story.

Bang, Bang Club movie doesn’t keep true to the real life story about four white South African photographers who confront personal risk, tragedy and their own humanity to chronicle the chaotic township violence of the final years of apartheid. Why Hollywood, why? Full story.

South Africa sends army to stop Rhino poaching in Kruger National Park. Full story.

Although gold prices are reaching record highs, South Africa is not profiting from it. Full story

South Africa. West African Cable System (Wacs) - the largest capacity submarine fiber-optic telecommunications (telecoms) cable to touch African shores - reached the beach at Yzerfontein, Western Cape, on Tuesday. Full story.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekly News

South African Reporter in Libya Safe

South African photographer Anton Hammerl has reportedly been located by Libyan authorities after being missing for almost three weeks, although the Libyan government has yet to provide access to him.

Mandela is Tweeting

That is right folks. Madiba is now on Twitter, after his foundation convinced a British man to hand over the @NelsonMandela account. Full Story.

Malema says Zim land grab was wrong

Hmmm. It is hard to take this comment seriously, especially since previous comment were in favor of "distributing" land without compensation. Wonder if he will change tune after the trial? Full story.

Police attempted to trick Shren Dewani to come to SA

Sigh... Full Story.

Crisis at Kruger National Park

The headline is a little misleading, it however paints a good picture of the Kruger National Park, whilst also pointing out some issues. Full Story

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