Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Expats participating in the Economy

I stumbled across this article today which states that South African wine is outselling French wine for the first time in Britain.

It made me think of how many South African products I have introduced to non South Africans. Things that jump to mind is Ina Paarman products, Nando's sauces, wine and yes even biltong and droëwors.

Come to think of it, us expats can be pretty good ambassadors for South Africa and although we don't pay tax in our homeland, we certainly do support the economy. We buy South African products and introduce these products to our mates. Some of us send money home or buy property in South Africa. We go visit SA and contribute to the tourism market. We are very important contributors of foreign capital flowing into SA.

It is actually a shame that there is a certain part of the South African population that holds such a negative sentiment towards South African Expats. The "traitor" remarks etc comes to mind. Anyway, that is a blog for another day and a very hot topic.

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