Wednesday, September 30, 2009

News for Expats

SA wine

Time Magazine's September 7th edition said South Africa only exports wine that is "crud." No, they didn’t say South African wine is crud. They actually praised SA wines but stated that the best wines are consumed locally while the "crud" is being exported. Personally I think this is a half truth. Yes, some great wines don't get exported but some great wines do.

Shack Dwellers attacked by organized armed hit squad

On Saturday, September 26, about 40 heavily armed men ambushed a meeting of the Kennedy Road Development Committee of Abahlali baseMjondolo, South Africa's shack dwellers’ movement. It was an organized attack and it seems that members of the ANC were involved. The shack dweller movement also states that police were very well aware that the attack was going down and left the area before it happened. At least two people died.
Zuma urges police to shoot to kill

Well, a tough stance on crime is very important. I believe police should always use the least force required to combat crime and arrest criminals. A trigger happy police and stray bullets isn’t anyone's friend. Tomorrow they mistake you as a robber or something and blow your head off. I do believe that anyone that even reaches for a gun when the police try and arrest them should be shot. The police should protect themselves and the law should assist them.

South African Airways makes profit

South African Airways (SAA) reported a profit for the year ending March 31 of 398 million rand (53.8 million dollars). Well done SAA.


Emm said...

What a unique way to reintroduce the death penalty without anyone noticing. Lovely stuff.

SA Expats said...

Emm - Yes, crazy.

sarah said...

the SA wine i buy in japan is NOT GOOD... makes me sad!

SA Expats said...

Sarah, that would make me sad too. :)

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