Sunday, August 30, 2009

White South African granted refugee states in Canada

31 Year old Brandon Huntly has been granted refugee status in Canada because of the "clear and convincing proof of the state's (south African government) inability or unwillingness to protect him."

This is the first time that a white South African has been granted refugee status in Canada on the basis that white people in SA are being persecuted by blacks.

Mr. Huntley was attacked seven times by black South Africans and was stabbed on 3 occasions. The attacks happened with attempted robberies and muggings.

During these attacks the black South Africans called him "a white dog" and "a settler."

This raises a few questions:
1.) Does this pave the way for future refugee claims?
2.) Are whites really under attack in SA?
3.) Is the Government actively turning a blind eye or are they just hopelessly bad?
4.) Is this decision justified?


Heiko said...

Anyone with two good eyes can see that there is a genocide going on in all southern African countries.

Look at how far it went in Zimbabwe. Namibia and South Africa are following the same route.

It's so easy - let the criminals take over, and don't react to rape, murder or violence against white people.

Hitler ruled much in the same way - he didn't have to instruct his thugs, he just let them loose on the population and played the fiddle while the place burnt down.

Cat Russell said...

Hmm that is very interesting..Thanks for sharing that.

Anonymous said...

oh shame, poor little white boy. what a load of expat tripe.

SA Expats said...

Dear Anonymous

Kindly debate a point. Nonsensical comments like this only make you look foolish and shows your prejudice.

SAPatriot living in Aus said...

This is disgusting!

There are real asylum seekers in this world...people who come from war torn countries of ill tolorence and genocide. Suffering with mul-nourishment and disease who can't afford a plane ticket to Toronto!

Bitter sweet Expats proving oxymorons have merit!

SA Expats said...

SAPatriot - I agree on the fact that there are people in this world that the refugee status should much rather be applied to.

Still I find it interesting that the Canadians do percieve that white folks in Southern Africa is under attack.

SAPatriot living in Aus said...

That is interesting.

You know what's sad, though, is statistically Black South African's suffer more greatly from crime than white folk.

Population dynamics versus majority I guess.

But if you took a bunch of Township folk and settled them in Montreal for a month or so, Canada would propbably send Nato to Tembisa.

Worsie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Worsie said...

Not acting to stop an outcome equals acting to cause that same outcome.

The government's has not acted in any way to try and stop farm killings, suburban murders/rapes, home robberies, mall robberies and cash-in-transit heists. In fact they have knocked down the obstacles for criminals by removing the commando system, spreading the police force too thin and overemphasising human rights for criminals.

I am interested to see the South African government's response to this. Will they play be the all-to-be-expected race card? Will they acknowledge the problem? Or will they just do nothing?

My bet is on the latter.

Dorianne said...

I'm Journalist based in South Africa and would like to get into contact with Brandon Huntley. Please send contact details to:

Lucienne said...

What surprises me most is the expats are making comments about those of us still in SA... a little hypocritical maybe?

SA Expats said...

Patriot - I agree crime is far worse in townships. When crime is however commited against people because of the colour of their skin, and life is brutaly taken e.g. Farm murders, one has to wonder. Being a white farmer is one of the most dangerous occupations in SA these days. The guy was given refugee status on the basis that he is singled out as a white person and the apparent unwillingness of the government to protect him.

SA Expats said...

lucienne - you have made a very short sighted comment. Many expats like myself is only working overseas temporarily due to good job oppurtuntities etc. I did not emigrate and I'm still a SA citizen. I might be returning shortly. Even if someone did leave SA for good, some still have parents, brothers, sisters etc in SA. What happens in SA does concer them.

Just as it is important for us to understand what the problems e.g in the Middle East are, so it is important for us to understand the problems in Southern Africa and the country of our birth. We do live in global community. Having a opinion on something is every persons right and not hypocritical at all..

Now I'm sure you have had some view on some international matter in the past?

Exzanian said...

You have touched on a very sensitive issue here: I see you have also attracted a lot of the negative commentors who seemingly seem to be jealous of ex-pats (if you read the post by Gerda on News24, you will know what I mean)
Please, all negative people in SA, it is just as hard to leave as it is to stay, even harder. Don't belittle the pain we have gone through to leave SA and please stop denying the problems SA has. They are real problems, there are very real and compelling reasons we left SA. You know it too, so please don't belittle that. Yes, we know many cannot leave or simply choose to stay. That's your choice.
to answer the questions:
1) Probably not for any large number
2) Yes - Don't doubt it for a second
3) Not actively: The ANC could do a lot more, but chooses not to. It does not have the political will to rise to the defence of white farmers in particular.
4) Yes

Anonymous said...

Seems most commentators have deliberately chosen not to read your emphasis on PERCEPTION. This is what is perceived to be happening in SA and that is the danger, as you pointed out.

I wonder what the reaction would be if gangs of white thugs entered townships on a regular basis to rape, plunder an murder. Something tells me the perception would be they are nor criminals, but outright racists.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, you mentioned perceptions in your other post, not this one.

SA Expats said...

Boerinballingskap - Ek moet nogal saamstem. Die ras kaart sal onmiddellik gespeel word.

Expat said...

According to this definition, expatriates are people who have left the country they were born in and are living in another country.

Why We Are White Refugees... said...

WwAwR: Why we Are white Refugees:
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Is Black on White Crime in South Africa racially motivated?

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Any journalist willing to put thier money where their mouth is, and take the bet?

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