Thursday, October 22, 2009

South Africans to farm in Congo

While land distribution has seen some South African farms being made completely unproductive, the Congo has given Agri SA half a million acres of land on a 30 year renewable lease to improve the country's farming industry. More deals are likely to follow soon.

Land distribution is off course a touchy subject in South Africa, but it is also a very important issue that has to be managed carefully and correctly to ensure peace and stability in South Africa, without causing huge damage to the economy.

It is estimated that nearly a third of the farming land in the Congo is underused and the country is seeking to ensure a decent food supply to its citizens since most food is being imported into the Congo.

The ANC has set a target to distribute 30% of the land to black South Africans by 2014. This will be difficult to achieve, especially since a large portion of the already distributed land in South Africa has not been used productively. The major reason for this is skill shortages among black farmers and little to no help by government to address the problem after the land has been distributed.

Unless cool heads prevail in the ANC government and the skill shortage is addressed, South Africa might just be in a position where they have to start importing food from South African farmers in the Congo.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Terrorists at World Cup?

"South Africa’s intelligence agencies are more concerned about white supremacists than a potential terrorist attack by al-Qaeda at the 2010 Fifa World Cup, the Cape Argus reported."

What does one make of such a statement?

We can only hope the government protects the safety of all citizens and tourists during the World Cup. I also hope Al Qaeda doesn't export their hate to South African shores.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Support satire

ZA news is a South African satire site which pokes fun at SA politicians and other public figures by using latex puppets. They have struggled for around a decade to get their show aired on TV, but the SABC is of the opinion that, "SA isn’t ready for satire."

I think it is more likely a case of sate run television not wanting to poke fun at the state. Also, who is the SABC to decide what we are ready for or not?

Anyway, the producers thought enough is enough and now the broadcast over the internet.

Please support them.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Useful Links for Australian Expats

Sabona Magazine - Online magazine for Saffas in OZ

SATOOZ - Online shop selling South African products

SA2Brisbane - Relocation consultants

OZ Downunder - Immigration guide

Afrikaans Christen Kerk - Located in Ashmore, Qld

Embassies and Consulates - SA Embassies and consulates in Australia contact details

I will add to the list over time.


I stumbled upon this very cool site this morning. Potjiekos world

Now I'm hungry.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The best places to live

The United Nations Human Development Report for 2009 has been released. The report basically deals with why people migrate and where they migrate to. It furthers shows which countries are considered the "best" places to live in and why.

There are many factors they take into account like poverty, gender, democracy, human rights, cultural liberty, globalization, water scarcity, climate change, and mobility. To see the full report and the methodoly click here.

Out of 182 countries, South Africa ranks 129. I found it interresting that South Africa was overtaken by our neigbour Namibia which now ranks 128. The worst place to live is Niger and the best place to live is Norway. The USA only ranks no. 13 and the UK ranks no. 21. A South African expat favourite, Australia, ranks no.2, while another favourite, New Zealand ranks no. 20.

The top ten best places to live according to the report are:
1.) Norway
2.) Australia
3.) Iceland
4.) Canada
5.) Ireland
6.) Netherlands
7.) Sweden
8.) France
9.) Switzerland
10.) Japan

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