Thursday, January 29, 2009

Leaving SA

I've noticed that there are certain groups of people back in old SA that basically hate our guts for leaving. As if SA needs more hate...

Leaving SA isn't easy, especially if it is for good. The fact remains, when someone left his / her country of birth, which they love, they must have had a reason to do so. To judge someone, without knowing what let them reach that choice is pretty immature and stupid.

Granted, there are scores of white South Africans that left purely on racial grounds. Good riddance for SA, bad for the places they are staying know. However if you are still under perception it is only white people leaving SA, you'll be sadly surprised.

The fact is more and more educated South Africans of all races find it hard to make ends meet in SA. When more than a third of your work forcé are unemployed, they need to do something...

I purely left because of a better work opportunity. I was reaching a stage in my professional career where affirmative action was stopping me from progressing. Although I understand the economic need for affirmative action and redistribution of income, I need to feed myself and my family and wasn’t going to "take one for the team." Why should I, whom had no say in the previous apartheid regime, suffer for the sins of my forefathers? I wasn’t ready to live a life of poverty and constant struggling for the "greater good."

I was also constantly concerned about safety in SA. You all know how it is. Yes, people say, "we should work together to make the country a better place." I agree, we should, but it doesn’t seem the criminals care to much about that sentiment.

I got a good job opportunity in the Middle East with very decent pay. I live in a country where crime is very little.

So if someone want to hate me for providing for my family financial and physical security, I’m sorry to say, "You are a moron."

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


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